New Mindset New Results Webinar

Jan 09, 2023

Do you need a lift when it comes to your mindset? Do you have pervading negative thoughts that limit your productivity or energy levels. It is really easy to get in our own way when it comes to fundraising. Some of the key limiting thoughts we can at times experience include:

  • An embarrassment to ask for money
  • Feeling scared of failure or rejection
  • Giving up because something hasn't worked before
  • Assuming that people don't have excess money to spare or your cause isn't appealing
  • Feeling that its wrong to ask for more than you need
  • Concern about donor fatigue
  • Feelings of imposter syndrome

In this webinar I explore why a positive mindset matters in fundraising, how you can implement a positive culture for yourself and your colleagues, and explode some of the limiting assumptions we sometimes encounter as fundraisers. The seminar is approximately 45 minutes long- do have a listen and let me know your thoughts!


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