Communications Unwrapped- How planning your communications could be easier than you thought...

communications fundraising tips May 31, 2022

I  was delighted to host a live Q and A session with Dawn Newton, a vastly experienced communications expert, who had a myriad of ideas to share for those looking at strengthening their communications strategies. Its well worth half an hour of your time checking out the replay featured above.

For many of the small charities I've worked with, Communications are not always given the focus that they should merit- amongst the day to day pressures of running busy services, we sometimes forget to actually tell people about the amazing work we do, and share the impact we are having in the world. 

Yet if we truly want to open up fundraising opportunities and encourage the public to support our work, then communications and relationship building are of fundamental importance. Building trust and likeability so that a member of the public may think of you as a worthy beneficiary of their funds, is the first step in donor recruitment, however big or tiny your charity is.

However, we rarely have the luxury of a communications expert to hand within our organisations, so how do we go about getting started? Well thanks to Dawn who introduced me to a particularly handy resource, I'd like to suggest a 1 hour Communications Strategy Planning tool. Shown here, this is a very simple guide to starting to plan out your fundraising communications. Schedule an hour this week to get started and you will immediately have the bones of your comm's strategy. It will be even better if you get a group of colleagues together to share ideas and discussions, which will also help to build a sense of ownership.

So why not focus on your charitys' communications now- you may see results quicker than you think.....

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