About Funding School


Funding School is a new concept to help small charities explore and diversify their income streams to create a solid and secure financial foundation on which to flourish.

Small charities often find themselves stuck in a permanent state of crisis when it comes to fundraising. This can crush motivation, focus and energy, creating a cycle which can be hard to break out of.

For the small charity manager or fundraiser, you may feel:


  • Frustrated that your charity is not reaching its potential
  • Worried about making ends meet and being able to cover your overheads or staff costs
  • Disappointment that has knocked your motivation or confidence
  • Isolated in your responsibility to raise funds
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of fundraising methods and unsure where to focus
  • Lacking in time (and possibly the knowledge) to write a proper fundraising strategy
  • Lacking in time to carry out the fundraising work needed

 If you can relate to any of these feelings, I can tell you categorically,

you are not alone

Recent research revealed 95% of small charities thought they weren't reaching their fundraising potential.

This is where Funding School aims to step in. At Funding School I'll bring you some of the best ideas, techniques and strategies to help small charities understand the fundamentals of how to be successful with fundraising. My 6- Step ‘Fundraising Formula’ course will give you a clear, easy process to follow to help you move from overwhelm to a sense of clarity and control over your fundraising. 


The Fundraising Formula

About me...


My name is Rosie Cribb and I've worked in fundraising since 2007, having raised over twelve million pounds for small charities and social enterprises. I've been that person responsible for fundraising within a small charity, and having consulted and mentored many more over the years, I've gained first hand experience of the challenges of fundraising in a small organisation, the sleepless nights it can produce, and the isolation you can experience. 

During this time I've built a raft of knowledge, ideas and strategies to help overcome the problems of being a lone fundraiser, and my passion is helping pass on ideas and support to others to assist them in moving out of the fog, into a much clearer and brighter fundraising future. 

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